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Academic Restriction: Academic discounts require proof of affiliation with an accredited academic institution. Acceptable proof may be one of the following:
    • Copy of your current I.D. card showing valid dates and your name.
    • Tuition receipt for the current school term showing your name.
Storm Music Studio is the first comprehensive musical creation studio.

Storm Music Studio provides you with standard studio tools used by professional musicians and composers: various synthesizers, numerous drum machines, recording tools, support for audio samples, and a multitude of real-time effects.

Let yourself submerged in a music studio meeting professional

standards: digital stereo sound 44 Khz, synthesis and audio processing algorithms of an unquestionable quality.

Storm Music Studio is stand-alone program, but also works as a VST instrument and can be used within audo/MIDI sequencers such as Cubase VST or Logic Audio, VST & ReWire, Ableton Live, Rebirth, Reason and Cakewalk Sonar.

The Wizard of Storm is the composition assistant is made to help users easily create their first songs thanks to a step-by-step scenario. Even if they are absolute beginners, by following the wizard, first-time users will quickly understand the features of Storm Music Studio while making their first composition.

  • The Hall: this brand-new set of interactive featuresgives Storm 2. 0users the ability to collaborate online with other users of the program. The initial version of this feature offers file sharing on a peer-to-peer basis, chat rooms, news, and an assortment of tips and tutorials.
  • Storm 2.0 sees the of addition the Shadowmodule, an eight-note polyphonic, analog-modeling synthesizer with two oscillators, pulse-width modulation, and a multimode filter. Storm now includes Vocoderand Compressor. Altogether, 23 instruments & effects are now available.
  • The synthesis and effects algorithms have been thoroughly improved. All modules now offer graphically consistent interfaces and fully redesigned onscreen ergonomics, to help recognition and ease of use.
  • Ability to launch and synchronize two Storm studios together on the same computer, thanks to the Rewire protocol (Rewire Device & Mixer). This is very useful to increase the number of modules running together, or for live performances.

* Unlimited undoes for all functions.

Hybrid CD - Mac & Windows

* Lab Packs and Volume Licensing Available


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