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Academic Restriction: Academic discounts require proof of affiliation with an accredited academic institution. Acceptable proof may be one of the following:
    • Copy of your current I.D. card showing valid dates and your name.
    • Tuition receipt for the current school term showing your name.
Boris CONTINUUM Complete is a comprehensive set of over 80 powerful yet easy-to-use filters for users of Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects. This expansive family of filters includes ultra-fast blurs, superior keying and matte tools, true optical color correction, natural effects such as snow, rain, and fire, and a suite of time-based effects.

In addition to combining and updating two of the most popular AE filter sets ever released (Boris AE and Boris CONTINUUM), CONTINUUM Complete has been engineered from the ground up for Final Cut Pro, offering powerful new capabilities in a native interface: true 3D DVE including intersecting planes, 3D spotlights and motion blur.

Throughout CONTINUUM Complete are controls to facilitate the most powerful, flexible effects features ever offered inside of Final Cut Pro and After Effects. These controls include the ability to animate apply modes and mix them in a single layer, advanced animation tools, and unique PixelChooser controls for sophisticated channel-based masks.

CONTINUUM Complete supports Mac OS X and Windows XP.

Boris FX complete with 3D rotations, a multi-layered timeline, unlimited keyframes and Preview to RAM playback, Boris FX is an essential add on for all desktop editing systems. Expanded capabilities include spectacular 3D extruded text, explosive particles, and powerful keying. Achieve professional results quickly, using the Effects Library or add personal touches and re-save effects for later use. Boris FX can access media directly from the NLE timeline without importing or exporting. Additional media such as Quicktime, AVI, PICT, TIFF, and Targa files can be used for adding more layers!

Feature Highlights:

  • Unlimited Timeline Layering and Key frames with Motion paths
  • Anti-aliased 3D DVE shapes: Page Turns, Cubes, Sphere and Cylinders
  • Animateable Particles and Blur effects
  • Ease in ease out control for smooth motion
  • New Effects Library Browser for selecting pre-saved effects!
Boris FX

Professional Version adds:

  • NEW Realistic Camera shutter motion blur
  • NEW 3D Image shattering Particles using customizable shapes!
  • NEW Light sources with independent Gel images
  • NEW Advanced Compositing apply modes
  • NEW Advanced Keying controls with Matte Choker and Alpha Processing
  • Adds additional support for Avid AVX including DS, Discreet edit*, FAST 601, Media 100/iFinish, Panasonic, and Sony ES-3

FX Supports: Adobe After Effects(mac) 4.1 /Premiere 5.x, Apple Final Cut Pro 1.2, Canopus Rex/Raptor Edit, DPS Video Action NT/Velocity, INCITE(mac) 2.8 , in:sync Speed Razor*, Ulead MSP 6.0* and United Media Online 6.0.

* in:sync Speed Razor 4.5, 4.7, 4.8 ,Speed Razor 2000 Win/NT

* Ulead Media Studio Pro Win 98

Minimum System Requirements:
Macintosh: Mac OS 8.1, 128 MBRAM, 125 MB Disk Space
Windows: Windows NT/9x, 128 MB RAM, 125 MB Disk Space.

Boris Graffiti is the most flexible title animation plug-in for non-linear editing systems. Boris Graffiti provides common text formatting options including kerning, tabs, and word wrap while adding powerful animation tools and filter effects. Unlimited layers of text can be rotated, extruded and lit using realistic lighting tools. Text can be filled using media directly from the NLE timeline without importing or exporting. Advanced keyframing provides smooth motion with Bezier graphs. Auto-create single page rolls and crawls with drag and drop ease.

Feature Highlights:

  • Rotate text in 3D space with extrusion, beveled edges and light sources
  • Format text using word wrap, tabs, kerning, edges and drop shadows
  • Animate Kerning with ease in/ease out keyframing
  • Apply explosive particles and smooth animated blurs
  • Auto-create single page rolls, crawls and multi page fades
  • Break up text for individual animation of every letter
  • High quality Motion blur on title pages

GRAFFITI Supports: Adobe After Effects(mac) 4.1/Premiere 5.1c, Apple Final Cut Pro 1.2.5, Avid Xpress 2.1, Avid Media Composer 7.1,Avid Symphony 1.1, Canopus Rex/Raptor Edit, Discreet edit*5.0, DPS Video Action NT/Velocity, FAST 601/Silver, INCITE 2.6, in:sync Speed Razor 4.5, 4.7, 4.8 ,Speed Razor 2000 Win98 only/NT, Media 100 4.5/iFinish, Panasonic DV Edit/Newsbyte, Sony ES-3, Ulead MSP 6.0, and United Media Online 2.0

* Ulead Media Studio Pro Win 98

Minimum System Requirements:
Macintosh: Mac OS 8.1, 128 MB RAM, 125 MB Disk Space
Windows: Windows NT/9x, 128 MB RAM, 125 MB Disk Space

RED is designed for finishing titling and compositing special effects within an online non-linear editing system. Add the ability to animate resolution independent layers in true 3D space with powerful keying and matte features, motion blur, casted shadows, and advanced image processing effects. Create and animate text with the integrated title module using 3D extrusions, individual character control, kerning, and motion blur. Apply any of the image processing effects on to titles or video layers for lighting, blurring, and displacement mapping effects.

Feature Highlights:

  • "Z space" containers for layering DVEs or title pages in true 3D space
  • Soft edge drop or cast shadows
  • 2D/3D title animation with animated kerning and texture mapping
  • Import and animate resolution independent EPS files
  • Motion blur and spot light controls
  • Support for compatible Adobe After Effects plug-ins

RED Supports:

  • Adobe- After Effects 4.0 & 4.1 Mac; Premiere 5.1 Mac & Win/NT
  • Apple- Final Cut Pro 1.2.5
  • Avid- Media Composer 7.1 and higher Mac & NT; Symphony 1.1 & higher NT; Xpress 2.0 & higher Mac & NT; Xpress DV 1.0 NT
  • Canopus- Rex Edit 2.5.2 Win/NT; Raptor Edit 2.0 Win/NT
  • Discreet- Edit* 5.0 NT
  • DPS-Video Action & Velocity 7.1 & higher NT
  • Fast- 601/Silver 2.0.1 SP5 NT
  • Incite- Incite 2.6 NT
  • In:Sync- Speed Razor 4.5, 4.7, 4.8 ,Speed Razor 2000 Win/NT
  • Media 100- Media 100 4.5 & higher; iFinish 3.0 NT
  • Panasonic- DV Edit/NewsBYTE 2.0.0 NT
  • Sony- ES-3 NT
  • United Media- On-Line Express 2.0 NT
  • Ulead- Media Studio Pro 6.0 & higher Win

Minimum System requirements:
Mac: Mac OS 8.5 and higher, 128 MB RAM, 125 MB Disk Space
NT: Win NT 4.0, 128 MB RAM, 125 MB Disk Space
Win/NT: Win NT 4.0 or Win 98( only), 128 MB RAM, 125 MB Disk Space
Win: Win 98 (only), 128 MB RAM, 125 MB Disk Space

FACTORY - 100 professionally created special effects for entry level production.

FACTORY Supports: Adobe Premiere 5.1, Canopus Raptor Edit, Ulead MSP 6.0 and United Media Online 2.0.

Minimum System Requirements:
Macintosh: Mac OS 8.1, 128 MB RAM, 125 MB Disk Space
Windows: Windows NT/9x, 128 MB RAM, 125 MB Disk Space



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