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Academic Restriction: Academic discounts require proof of affiliation with an accredited academic institution. Acceptable proof may be one of the following:
    • Copy of your current I.D. card showing valid dates and your name.
    • Tuition receipt for the current school term showing your name.
combustion 2.1 combustion is a unified paint, animation and 3D-compositing software solution designed specifically for motion graphic designers, animators and visual effects artists.

cinestream bridges the demands of interactive media authoring with traditional video editing. It combines fully integrated DV editing with rich media creation tools. Capture directly from DV devices; edit with speed and precision; add synchronized HTML commands, and then encode as Windows Media™, RealVideo™ and QuickTime®.

cleaner 6 for Apple Macintosh
The essential video encoder Discreet® cleaner™ 6 for the Apple® Macintosh® computer is the industry standard for professional video encoding and the indispensable complement to Apple® Final Cut Pro®, Adobe® Premiere® and Avid® Xpress® DV. With cleaner software, video editors are only a click away from delivering the highest quality video output – every time.

cleaner 5.1 for Windows
cleaner 5.1 is the industry-standard tool for importing, authoring, encoding and delivering interactive streaming media using popular streaming formats, including RealVideo™, QuickTime™, Windows Media™, and MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. Web designers can produce video that drives web content by adding interactivity to streaming media like "Buy Me!" links and hot spots.

mpeg charger
mpeg charger is the software-only MPEG encoding option for cleaner 5. mpeg charger adds comprehensive control over MPEG-2 encoding, and enhances MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 support with variable bit rate encoding. Together, cleaner 5 and mpeg charger enhance your MPEG-enabled streaming workflow for DVD video, digital broadcasting and broadband webcasting.

mpeg supercharger
cleaner 5 with the mpeg supercharger PCI acceleration hardware produces MPEG files 10x faster, allowing you to easily apply powerful A/V filters, cropping, scaling, and batch processing for high-quality results. Turn all popular video, audio and animation file formats into MPEG streams for DVD video, digital broadcasting and broadband streaming - fast.

cleaner live
cleaner live is an easy to use, affordable webcasting solution to broadcast sales training, product launches and more, live over the Internet. cleaner live directly connects to a DV camera for instant set up with support for simultaneous, real-time delivery in both RealVideo and Windows Media formats at multiple bit rates, allowing you to reach the widest audience.

Discreet’s new 3D web design software – plasma, supplies web designers with an easy-to-use 3D solution that houses the most stable, focused, and optimized toolset for bringing engaging 3D UI elements and media to the web.


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