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Academic Restriction: Academic discounts require proof of affiliation with an accredited academic institution. Acceptable proof may be one of the following:

    • Copy of your current I.D. card showing valid dates and your name.
    • Tuition receipt for the current school term showing your name.
Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000
It's literally as simple as pressing Tab and Enter to move between action, character name, dialog, and other elements. What's unique about Screenwriter's auto-recognition feature is the way it pops up lists of all available Int/Ext scene headings, locations, times-of-day character names, extensions, and transitions. You choose by typing a letter, not by reaching for the mouse or a function key. Your fingers stay on the keyboard, always ready for creative thoughts to flow onto the page!
Dramatica Pro
Guides you through the entire story creation process - from beginning to end -- and ensures that your story structure works. About the only thing it doesn't do is format. If you're worried that Dramatica will restrict your story to some kind of formula, dictating what plot point should appear on what page, don't! Dramatica's approach, while structured, is about as far from formula as you can get.
Dramatica Writer's DreamKit
Every best selling-author was unpublished at one time. Each award-winning screenwriter or playwright was a novice once. The good news for you is now there's a great place to start! Dramatica takes you to a special place -- a story development environment where you'll solve the structural problem that prevent many stories from becoming good enough to reach an audience. Don't just dream -- start writing today with Writers DreamKit!
Hollywood Screenwriter

Got a great idea for a Hollywood blockbuster? Sitcom? School play?

If you've ever thought of a story idea for a movie or play, here's the quick and easy way to turn your idea into a professional script! Our industry experience has given us the insight and understanding of what aspiring amateur writers need to best express their ideas and present them for professional consideration.

Agents, producers, and studio executives are waiting, checkbooks ready, for the next great script. The first thing they'll notice about your script is the format--does this look like a polished, professional screenplay?




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