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Telelogic is the world leader in requirements management solutions, helping more than 50,000 users at over 1,000 leading-edge companies take control of their complex projects and mission-critical initiatives in a fast-changing, e-business world with products such as DOORS/ERS and VisionMap.
Telelogic DOORS(R) is the world's leading requirements management tool; a standard used by more than 50,000 users at over 1,000 companies around the world. A multi-platform, enterprise-wide requirements management tool designed to capture, link, trace, analyze and manage a wide range of information to ensure a project's compliance to specified requirements and standards.

A way to seamlessly incorporate the power of requirements across the enterprise

Using the most powerful requirements management functionality available anywhere, DOORS enhances Communication, Collaboration and Validation across the enterprise.

COMMUNICATE: DOORS' intuitive user interface makes access easy for large numbers of concurrent users on a network, and can maintain vast numbers of objects (requirements and associated information) and links. Offering both fish-eye and Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Explorer-like graphical views, every user can enjoy a customized look at the information that is critical to them - using graphics and colors to deliver information faster and more reliably. DOORS offers the only tool to include spreadsheet-like capabilities with a document-oriented view of data, in essence, combining the best of Microsoft Word and Excel within one tool.

COLLABORATE: DOORS includes a complete on-line Change Proposal and Review System that lets users submit proposed changes to requirements, including a justification. Inter-project linking allows projects to share requirements, designs and tests, and promotes traceability to corporate or other standards. Discussion threads allow subject-oriented collaboration on ideas which increases creativity, and delivers faster ideas, turnaround and results. And Distributed Data Management (DDM) supports remote users who need temporary, remote access to all DOORS features. Working against a subset of the DOORS database off-line, remote users can incorporate their updates back into the master database - making it easy to team with other organizations to communicate with subcontractors and suppliers.

VALIDATE: DOORS even provides user-defined, multi-level traceability for unlimited relationships - for example, requirements to test, requirements to design, design to code, requirements to tasks, and project plan to roles. DOORS' Traceability Wizard can even generate link reports across as many levels as required and display them all in the same view - providing fool-proof lifecycle verification and validation.

Telelogic DOORSrequireITTM is the first tool that puts the power of requirements management into the hands of non-technical end-users and others who prefer to work in Microsoft(R) Word . Featuring an easy-to-use interface, team leaders, managers and support staff can all participate in the requirements management process. It's also a valuable tool for systems and software engineers as well as other team members working in areas such as project and product management, marketing, business analysis, quality assurance and systems integration.

Because documents can be edited using Microsoft Word, DOORSrequireIT is extremely easy to use and requires a very short learning curve. No database administration is necessary - it can be used by stand-alone users without the need for administrative support.

DOORSrequireIT also allows the easy distribution of data to remote, disconnected users - encouraging communication from anywhere, anytime. For example, users can export a document from the DOORS/ERS database into a file and send it to a remote location, where it can be altered and then sent back to the original database, reimported and synchronized.

Special DOORSrequireIT features include the use of templates designed specifically for the software development lifecycle and hyperlinked requirement identifiers that make it easier to navigate traceability throughout multiple documents.

Dynamic Business Planning
We all know that in today's world of rapid changes and high technology, the ability to plan for the future is critical to the survival of an enterprise. Complexity grows. Cycle times shorten. And if we're not careful, profits fall. The message is clear: innovate or die. The old, informal planning methods and "best guesses" no longer suffice. What is needed is a method for dynamically planning and coordinating the core competencies of an organization; in essence, a strategic "roadmap" to business success. VisionMapTM, developed by QSS and Motorola, is the solution. It combines a unique set of dynamic business planning methodologies with software, training and consulting. VisionMap provides a powerful set of capabilities to create, disseminate and analyze essential planning information across a business enterprise, paving the way for innovation and success.

How often have we seen the consequences when the best-intended project runs aground because of ad-hoc up-front planning? What is needed is a way to reduce the risks incurred by such practices. Since good decisions are central to good plans, the answer is structured decision-making, an industry-proven discipline for bringing success to your projects and business processes. DecisionLink is a unique tool that connects a multi-criteria decision-making process with enterprise-wide business planning and product development information. With this tool, you will take control of your process by building a structured, proactive decision-making plan. You will be able to capture the requirements, criteria, alternatives, rationale, and risks associated with the key decisions you need to make. DecisionLink guides you to choose the best alternatives, then communicates the key supporting information in an easy-to-understand format that can be re-used by future decision-makers. This will enable your enterprise to leverage past efforts, rather than re-inventing the wheel.

A flexible solution with the power to Communicate, Collaborate and Validate. For everyone. Everywhere.

Today, the pressure is on product development, project management and systems engineering teams to deliver results. Faster. Better. With fewer resources. The challenge: satisfy ever increasing demands from existing and potential customers, or lose them to the competition. You need to be able to deliver your projects right the first time. Because you may not get a second chance.

Requirements management - the process that captures, tracks and manages user needs and their changes throughout a project's lifecycle - can be your competitive weapon. It has the power to accurately track user needs in great detail - providing a process and structure that ensures those requirements are communicated and executed to project completion.

Telelogic DOORSnetTM is a web-based tool that gives your project team access to live DOORS(R) data anytime, anywhere. Using a standard web browser and the Internet, your corporate intranet, or a local area network, selected team members can view, search, sort and edit requirements information and submit change proposals against key data and documents.

Particularly useful in cutting down on time-consuming weekly reports and conference calls, DOORSnet keeps mobile or remote users in the loop - increasing collaboration and speeding feedback from anywhere around the globe.


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