ZoomText 9.x Magnifier/ScreenReader Features

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ZoomText 9.x Magnifier/ScreenReader $595
Upgrade from Level 2, version 6 or 7 $199
Upgrade from version 8.0 Magnifier $249
Upgrade  from ZX Level 1 (version 6.x or 7) $299
 * proof of purchase required for upgrades
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Magnification Power Spinbox Magnification Power
ZoomText provides a full range of magnification levels up to 16x. New fractional powers (1.25, 1.5 and 1.75) provide fine control for users needing minimal magnification.

Zoom Window Type Button Zoom Window Type
ZoomText provides eight zoom window types: Full, Overlay, Lens, Line and four Docked positions. Each of these windows offers a unique way of viewing what is on the screen. At any time, you can switch zoom window types to accommodate a different task or application environment.

Zoom Window Adjust Button Zoom Window Adjust
ZoomText's windows can be sized and/or moved to occupy a different portion of the screen. To size a window, drag any handle. To move a window, drag inside the window frame.

Zoom Window Freeze Button Zoom Window Freeze
The Freeze window allows you to monitor information at one location while you simultaneously view and edit information in other locations. The Freeze window sits on top of the Full zoom window while the Full zoom window continues to scroll and display all areas of the screen.

Color Enhancements Button Color Enhancements
Color enhancements improve screen clarity for easier viewing and reduced eyestrain. The color enhancements options consist of a variety of filtering effects that allow you to adjust screen colors, brightness, and contrast. You can choose from preset color schemes or configure your own custom color enhancements.
Pointer Enhancements Button Pointer Enhancements
Pointer enhancements make it easy to locate and follow the mouse pointer. You can choose from a variety of preset pointer enhancement schemes or configure your own custom pointer enhancements.

Cursor Enhancements Button Cursor Enhancements
Cursor enhancements make it easier to locate and follow the text cursor. You can choose from a variety of preset cursor enhancement schemes or configure your own custom cursor enhancements.

Desktop Finder Button Desktop Finder
Desktop Finder helps you find and launch programs on the desktop, system tray and quick launch bar. In addition, the Desktop Finder also helps you find and open items in the Control Panel, Programs menu and My Documents folder.

Web Finder Button Web Finder
Web Finder helps you find links and controls in any webpage. Web Finder 'Actions' allow you to execute a selected link, scroll to a link or control, or begin reading (using AppReader) at the location of a link or control.

  All-Color Smoothing
This new technology automatically smoothes all text, regardless of its color, for easy viewing at all magnification levels. Color-rich web pages and documents have never looked so good.

Zoom Window View
View mode shows you the area of the screen that is currently being magnified, and allows you to select a new area to zoom in on. When view mode is activated, magnification turns off and the view locator appears in the normal screen. By moving the view locator, you can select a new area to zoom in on.

Smooth Navigation
New mouse navigation options make it easier to explore and move around the screen. You can restrict pointer movement to horizontal and vertical only, for easier scrolling through rows and columns of text. You can also restrict pointer movement to the current window, to keep from straying away from your work.


ScreenReader Features

Reader Toolbar
Reader Toolbar

Speech Button Speech
Turns speech output on and off.

Rate Spinbox Rate
Controls how fast ZoomText speaks - in words per minute.

Typing Echo Button Typing Echo
Typing echo provides immediate feedback of the keys and words that you type. Each key or word that you type is automatically spoken. You can choose to have all keys spoken or only selected groups of keys.

Mouse Echo Button Mouse Echo
Mouse echo automatically reads text that you point to. Single words or complete lines of text can be spoken instantly or after hovering briefly.

Verbosity Button Verbosity
Select a verbosity level. Verbosity allows you to adjust the amount of information spoken when a program item receives focus. Settings are specified in the Verbosity dialog box.

AppReader Button AppReader
The new AppReader provides continuous reading of documents, web pages and email, within the parent application programs. You can automatically read through the entire document or manually navigate by word, line, or sentence.

DocReader Button DocReader
Launches DocReader to read text from the last active application. DocReader provides continuous reading of documents, web pages and email, in a special environment where text is reformatted for easier viewing.

SpeakIt Button SpeakIt
The SpeakIt tool allows you to read selected areas of the screen by clicking or dragging with the mouse. Any text that is visible on the screen can be spoken, even if it's outside the active program.

  Text Navigation
Navigation keys make it easy to read while creating and editing documents. With simple commands you can read by character, word, line, sentence and paragraph, even while selecting text.

Full Internet Accessibility
ZoomText 9.1 reads any web page, in the proper reading order. You can read automatically or manually navigate by word, line, sentence or paragraph.

Special Application Support
Built in support for popular applications - including Word, Excel, Outlook , Acrobat Reader (PDF) and Java - allows you to read and navigate your documents with 100% accuracy. ZoomText easily reads through columns, tables, and other document objects, in the correct reading order.

New Setup Program
The new ZoomText Setup program makes installations faster and easier. You can choose automatic installation using the default options or custom installation for complete control over all installation options. All setup dialogs display large readable text that is automatically spoken.


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