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Digicom 2000 Gus! Access Keyboard
EasyTalk Gus! Scanning Cursor
E-Talk  Gus! Word Prediction
Accessories Gus! Dwell Cursor
WiViK 2  on-screen keyboard Gus! Joystick Mouse
WiViK 2 REP v 2.5 on-screen keyboard with rate enhancement Gus! Mouse (with switch interface!)
Samsung Q1 Ultra

HTC 75xx

ALS, Stroke, MS, Head injury and related conditions

Visit the EasyTalk page. Do you want a speech device that's rugged, full of features, yet incredibly easy to use? How about one that will record music, has no message time limit on any key, has up to 54 minutes of overall recording time, 1-40 keys, 8 levels AND 2-switch input. Sounds great, doesn't it? That's the EasyTalk. The EasyTalk can grow with your child or be a perfect communicator for adults who have lost the power of speech.


What about the DigiCom 2000? Well, it's pretty terrific also. The Digicom 2000 has more built-in features and standard accessories than any other portable, digitized device on the market. Imagine a device that has 48 levels, auditory cueing, up to 142 minutes of recording time, a choice of 6 different key layouts and floppy disk storage, to name a few of the features. That's the DigiCom 2000.

DigiCom 2000

Then there is our jewel – the e-talk. What an incredible device! It's a dynamic display that can be used outside. That's right. It won't wash out in sunlight. A user can communicate indoors and out. What's more, it has the most incredible digital quality you will ever find in a speech device. Yet, it also comes with DECtalk™ so the user can have “in the moment” conversations. Naturally, the e-talk has dual switch or joystick input, a 3600 symbol Mayer-Johnson™ library, a fast-charging, long-running lithium ion battery, pre-created communication pages, and much, much more... See it for yourself.
At half the price of other dynamic displays, you really can have it all.


At the core of these speech devices is the Ventriloquist Board. The Ventriloquist is a single board computer that makes possible the development of a range of voice-annunciator products. It is the only product on the market today that combines the power of Windows CE with Lernout & Hauspie's Text-To-Speech technology in an off-the-shelf product.