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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Version 10 Overview

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Version 10 What's New

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Version 10 Requirements

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Edition Version 10

Key Features

Speed Document Creation
You can turn your voice into text with up to 99 percent accuracy using virtually any Windows-based application. Speech recognition delivers results three times faster than most people type. Dragon never makes a spelling mistake, and it actually gets smarter the more you use it!

Easy to Use
Dragon NaturallySpeaking installs quickly and requires no special script reading. New on-screen help and tutorials will make you an expert user in no time.

Designed Specifically for the Legal User
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal offers a preconfigured legal vocabulary that includes over 30,000 legal-specific terms, and it automatically formats legal citations. Reduce dependencies on support staff or improve transcription turnaround time with enhanced third-party correction features.

Eliminate Document Development Bottlenecks
Streamline the editing and correction process with speech recognition to dramatically decrease turnaround time and reduce dependencies on support staff. Lawyers, legal secretaries and paralegals can become more productive if they're free to focus more on billable work.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity
Create custom voice commands to automate and streamline repetitive tasks that you perform dozens of times a day.

NEW Search the Web and Your Computer with Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Web and Desktop Search
Use Dragon Voice Shortcuts to quickly search for information on the Web or on your own computer. Just say “Search the Web for global warming articles,” “Search Amazon for the Harvard Blue Book,” or “Search maps for office supply stores near Chicago, Illinois.” You can even say “Find an email about the Robinson appeal” to quickly locate information on your computer. Searching the Web or your computer has never been faster — or easier.

NEW Send Emails or Schedule Meetings On-The-Fly with Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Email and Calendar
From any active window, a user can send an email to selected contact(s) with a single voice command. Dragon will launch your email program, create a new email and put the names you said into the “To:” box. Need to schedule a meeting with a select group of contacts? Just say “Schedule a meeting with [contact distribution list name],” and Dragon will do the rest.


Language Versions Available

  • English
  • German


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