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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred Version 10 Overview

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred Version 10 Requirements

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred Version 10 Key Features

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred Version 10


What's New

More Speed. More Accuracy. More Features.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 is here, and the world’s best-selling speech recognition system just keeps getting better. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is faster and more accurate than ever, delivering up to 20% more accurate results than Version 9. Your transcribed words now appear on the screen in half the time it took in the past. With new Dragon Voice Shortcuts, you can search the Web for information, products, news and more with a single voice command. Updated graphical icons for the DragonBar are intuitive and easy to see. New Quick Voice Formatting makes it easier to format, delete, and copy words and passages with a single command.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred More Accurate Than Ever
Unrivaled desktop speech recognition accuracy; up to 20% more accurate than Version 9

Faster Than Ever
Significant improvement of response time; more than 50% reduction in the time it takes for words to appear on the screen.

Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Web Search
Dragon Voice Shortcuts collapse common multi-step tasks into direct voice commands. Now you can search the Web for information, products, news and more — faster than ever
Dragon Voice Shortcuts make searching the Web faster and easier. Just say commands containing your desired search words, such as “Search the Web for financial management resources” or “Search maps for Italian restaurants in Burlington 01803,” and Dragon 10 will use the default search engine and Web browser to enter your dictated term(s) in the search field and return the results. Thanks to Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” search, you can also get the top-ranked site directly, by saying, “Find a site about motorcycles.” You may also search specific sites directly for videos, images, news, articles and products using commands such as “Search Wikipedia for George Washington Carver,” or “Search eBay for Bluetooth headsets.” Sites supported by Dragon Voice Shortcuts include Google, Yahoo, eBay, Wikipedia, YouTube,, and more.

Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Desktop Search
Dragon Voice Shortcuts collapse common multi-step tasks into direct voice commands. Now you can search your computer — faster than ever
Dragon 10 introduces commands to search your computer as directly as the Web, by dictating the word(s) to find in documents, emails and Web-browsing history. For example, you can say, “Search computer for launch plans” and Dragon will complete the search using Google Desktop or Windows Vista desktop search. In addition, commands such as “Find an email about the Robinson report” directly open the top email containing the dictated keywords. Searching your computer has never been faster — or easier.

Quick Voice Formatting (“Delete | Copy | Bold | Underline | Italicize ” commands)
New direct commands for formatting, deleting, and copying words and passages
Rather than selecting the relevant word(s) or passage and commanding what to do with that text (e.g., “Select very, [pause] Bold that”), you can now directly name the desired text with the desired action in a single voice command, such as “Bold very.” Just like in the familiar “Select ” commands, you can even designate a whole passage by quoting its first and last word(s).

New UI Look and Feel
Updated icons are intuitive and easy to see
Dragon 10 introduces new graphical icons to enhance the DragonBar user interface, including a larger microphone icon, making the product easier to use.

Improved Help System and Tutorials
Includes enhanced Sample Commands window and interactive HTML tutorial with a completely new look and feel
Dragon 10 offers an enhanced Sample Commands window and interactive tutorial with a completely new look and feel. The new Web and Flash-based system offers improved navigation and content — comprehensive resources are just a command away! In addition, Dragon 10 also introduces a new mechanism to enable the creation of customizable help screens for end-users to be reminded of their favorite commands.

Improved Natural Commands for Mozilla Firefox
Improved Web browser experience is now available for Firefox
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 makes it easier than ever to use speech recognition with Mozilla Firefox, the award-winning Web browser used by tens of millions of people worldwide: you can now benefit from Natural Language commands, and the ability to activate a hyperlink by just saying part of its name.

More Flexible Enrollment for younger speakers and users with certain speech challenges
Self-paced reading is available for speakers who have difficulty with the existing interactive text passages
Reading an acoustic training text efficiently teaches one’s voice to the software, and Dragon 10 offers an easier way to do it: print or view the entire text and record it at your own pace—without needing to satisfy the validation done by the software in the original prompt screens. By making it easier to train the product to one’s voice, Dragon 10 improves the experience for younger users and users with certain speech challenges.

Regional Accent Support
Significant increase in accuracy for accented speakers by using more advanced adaptation techniques and accent-specific models.
Following a significant data collection effort and research, Dragon 10 incorporates new acoustic models for better coverage of non-native and regional accents. Together with more powerful adaptation techniques, this will help everyone get better recognition accuracy — from the very first use.

Option to Disable Microsoft Text Services (CTFMon)
Easily turn off Alternative User Input Text Input Processor (CTFMon) to eliminate potential conflicts with Dragon
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 reduces to a simple checkbox the multi-step process of disabling alternative services that may cause conflicts, such as advanced technical services on Windows XP or handwriting features on tablet PCs.

Better control of commands vs. dictation on the Web
Require “Click” for hyperlinks and disable Web commands separately from dictation support
Dragon 10 helps ensure a comfortable experience on the Web, addressing the concern that words you mean to dictate may be interpreted as a command, even if said in isolation. Dragon 10 now provides finer options for optimal comfort on the Web whether you intend dictation or action: one can disable HTML commands and also require saying “Click” for hyperlinks separately, without disabling dictation support. In addition, Dragon 10 replaces some existing single-word HTML commands with multiple-word equivalents, to avoid confusion with those single words meant as dictation:

Auto Configuration for Optimal Performance Based on System Profile
Latency configuration on “slow” machines and per-application disabling of Natural Language commands. Installation automatically detects PC’s resources and adjusts options for optimal speed.
During installation, Dragon 10 automatically analyzes your PC’s resources and changes default settings as needed to increase speed; this may include moving the Speed vs. Accuracy slider towards speed and disabling the Natural Language commands in some applications. The users can later change these options if they wish. In addition, DNS10 gives finer control over the support for Natural Language commands, which means users can gain speed if they only use Natural Language commands in some applications. One can disable these large sets of flexible command wordings separately for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Corel WordPerfect.

Formatting and Word Properties Interface Enhancements
New Formatting dialog and Word Properties let you control the written forms more finely than ever, including alternate forms, spacing and capitalization before and after each item.
Dragon 10 gives easier and finer control over the form, spacing and capitalization of items written in various contexts (e.g., inserting a space before or after, capitalizing the next word, or using alternate forms like “Fig.” instead of “figure” before numerals.) For instance, if you want all numbers between zero and ten to be written as numerals, you can now simply set this with just one check on the Formatting dialog.

Embedded Data Collection Tool
Data Collection engine embedded in the product
A New User Wizard screen invites users to participate in a program designed to collect data to improve the overall accuracy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The option is off by default.


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