The NaturallySpeaking family of continuous speech recognition products lets you communicate with your PC in the most natural way - by speaking. Just talk to your PC and your words appear immediately on the screen and in your document.  


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 
The powerful, feature-rich Professional Edition represents the top of the line in speech recognition technology and accuracy. Handle multiple specialty vocabularies, create custom commands to automate tasks, even transcribe your thoughts while you are out of the office.  
Available in American, British English, French, Italian and Spanish.

$595.00 Special (retails for $695)  BUY NOW !


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Suite
This edition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking already knows the specialized legal terminology you use each day.

$895.00 (retails for $995)     BUY NOW !



Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred
The Preferred Edition offers Text-To-Speech and Dictation Playback features which greatly assist with editing. NaturallyMobile provides support for approved hand-held recording devices to let you create text even when you are away from your PC.   Available in American, British English, French, Italian and Spanish.

$199.00     BUY NOW !


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred USB
Contains all of the features of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard and adds features designed for business and other users, including: Dragon NaturallyMobile for transcription of recorded speech with recorded speech playback and text-to-speech for easier editing



Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Suite
Our Medical Suite incorporates the specialized terminology that you use every day with the advanced features of our Professional Edition. The Medical Suite shifts your time away from paperwork and back to patients.

$895.00 (retails for $995)     BUY NOW !

Medical Suite

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Mobile Recorder Option Kit
The hand-held Dragon NaturallyMobile digital recorder - the first recorder specifically designed for speech recognition, which holds up to 40 minutes* (approximately 10 pages) of recorded speech in internal memory
$199.00         BUY NOW !

  Mobile Recorder
Option Kit


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Mobile
Dragon NaturallySpeaking™ Mobile is the complete speech recognition system for people on the move. This product includes Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred software, the ergonomic, hand-held Dragon NaturallyMobile™ digital recorder, special linking software, and a high-quality headset microphone for use with your PC. Available in American and British English.  

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Dragon Dictate Power
When the ultimate in hands-free operation of a PC is required or when memory and processor power are limited, choose DragonDictate for Windows. Based on industry-leading discrete technology, you can create business letters, spreadsheets and more without using the keyboard. DragonDictate also allows you to control virtually any Windows application by voice. It automatically lets you speak the words on menus, dialog boxes and on-screen buttons to activate them. 
DragonDictate products are available in American, British English, French, Italian and Spanish.




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Top Eleven FAQs

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9. What languages are available for Dragon NaturallySpeaking?
10. Is Dragon NaturallySpeaking "Year 2000 Compliant"?
11.  What version can I upgrade to and how much does it cost?


International Sites

Dragon Systems delivers speech recognition technologies in seven languages to customers and business partners worldwide. For information on our award-winning products, Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragon Dictate, please click on the language of your choice:


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