Synapse Literacy and Language Workstation

The Synapse Literacy and Language Workstation addresses reading, writing and language problems. Developed to provide solutions for individuals with a wide range of learning problems, this integrated workstation comes equipped with a broad range of learning tools.

Built from the ground up, the Synapse Literacy and Language Workstation combines optimum hardware and software to meet the demanding needs of the institutional, academic or rehabilitation environment.

Professional level speech recognition assists students with dysgraphia and those whose verbal skills exceed their writing abilities. Outlining applications reinforce the organization of concepts. Word prediction tools support written skills for learning disabled and language delayed individuals.

Robust text-to-speech technology reinforces reading skills by converting written text into easy to understand synthesized speech. A large moving cursor prompts the user to follow along and helps build the association between phonics and written words.

Visual and auditory feedback cues help students with speech disorders improve articulation and develop confidence in their communication skills.

Synapse Literacy and Language Workstations can be custom designed and configured to meet your specific requirements. Individual workstations can be configured to promote learning or to accommodate a student with learning difficulties. A Literacy and Language Workstation can serve as a powerful assessment tool for determining the appropriate technology for an individual with one or more processing limitations.

We will be happy to prepare a quotation on workstations tailored to your needs. 

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